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Here’s a juicy job opportunity in the world of do-goodery, a field which I know appeals to Shebeen Club members. Found it on Twitter.


Position: Director, Communications
Organization: Small Change Fund
Location: Toronto, Ontario or Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Small Change Fund empowers Canadians to make big change with small change. At, we provide a place for people to discover, share, connect with, and support amazing grassroots projects in communities across the country.

Small Change Fund is a young and rapidly evolving organization searching for our first Director of Communications. As our Director of Communications you will have the chance to shape the future of an award-winning organization, and have an impact on all of the grassroots projects we support.

Your journalistic ability will enable you to draw out the stories behind the grassroots projects supported by Small Change Fund, and your skills in marketing will allow you to reach and engage sponsors and donors in supporting these important local efforts to enhance environmental sustainability and social justice.

Your aptitude for multi-tasking will allow you to transition between strategic and operational efforts in a fast-paced environment, while keeping an eye on detail. You excel in using social media for social good and your established network of media contacts support these efforts.

Your energy, enthusiasm and creativity lend well to Small Change Fund’s team, who believe that flexibility, an enterprising spirit, and positive outlook contribute to enabling us to consistently innovate in the area of grassroots giving.

The overarching goals of this position are to:
1. Build and reinforce Small Change Fund’s corporate identity/brand (visual, language) among target audiences
2. Engage target audiences in supporting the projects featured on
3. Build new and repeat traffic on, and work with staff team to ensure an innovative, unique and authentic experience for donors

Key Responsibilities include:
* Together with the Board Communications Committee, external advisors and staff, develop and execute a strategy using communications, marketing and public engagement standards and practices that reflect SCF’s mission and values.
* Develop a value proposition and key messages to communicate our core brand identity, and work closely with SCF team to ensure messaging is consistent with overall communications, marketing and public engagement objectives
* Provide strategy, content oversight, and creative management to SCF team, including working with consulting writers, designers, and programmers.
* In collaboration with the Program Team, write, create and assist in the dissemination of materials to attract high quality projects to
* Continually improve the presentation of projects on, including creating tools for donors to explore projects (i.e. video), and developing compelling language
* Working with the Program Team, create strategies and tools that encourage project leaders to tap into their networks, help them share their stories and report on their activities
* Focusing on pipeline and prospect development, and working across related areas, calendar, develop, and drive campaigns to targeted audiences to encourage engagement and philanthropy
* With support from the Program team, lead the creation of a donor centered experience that is creative and effective in maintaining existing and attracting new donors
* Manage media relations, research editorial opportunities and build relationships with key industry media.
* Leverage social networks to build affinities with potential partners, sponsors or issue positions
* Together with the President, Executive Director and Program team, lead the development of community or issue specific funds (e.g. indigenous people’s fund, climate change fund) that may be of particular interest to donors
* Monitor trends in social media tools and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media at Small Change Fund
* Monitor social networks for potential threats or opportunities
* Measure the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts
* Plan and administer budgets for communications/marketing for the organization
* Provide monthly reporting to executive team.

The successful candidate will have:
* A diploma or degree in communications, marketing, journalism or related area
* Minimum of five years of experience
* Demonstrated interest in the public sector

Interested candidates may send their resume and expression of interest, including links to online writing, blogs, articles, twitter feeds (in both attachment and copied into the body of an email) to info(at)* by March 15, 2011.


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Worst Curious George Book, Best Tweet Ever


worst curious george book ever RT @raincoaster: RT @ArabRevolution: Yellow Hat Mercenaries in Benghazi [VIDEO]

worst curious george book ever RT @raincoaster: RT @ArabRevolution: Yellow Hat Mercenaries in Benghazi [VIDEO ]

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Selling Out: How Presales Can Make Your Book a Hit


To whom it may someday concern, in a minor way

Dear Author Arbitrageur

Who: The Shebeen Club presents author, speaker, and sales trainer Shane Gibson

What: Selling Out: How Presales Can Make Your Book a Hit

When: 7-9pm Monday, October 25th (one week later than our usual date)

Where: A private dining room upstairs at Revel Room, 238 Abbott Street just off Gastown, near the Woodward’s Building

Why: Because Shane’s latest book sold out its entire first printing before it was officially available for sale. We want to know how, and so do you!

How (much): $20 early-bird tickets/$25 at the door includes dinner and a glass of wine or beer

I worked as Shane’s editorial assistant on his latest book, Guerrilla Social Media Marketing (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson, the Guerrilla Marketing Guru) and while I was typing it up, I kept thinking what a great book it was. This is by way of disclosure, not puffery. Seems thousands of others feel the same way: the book officially sold out its first printing on September 30th; it wasn’t actually in stores until October 3rd.

That is what you call a successful book launch.

Shane is here to tell us how he and Jay did that, and teach us techniques that we can use on our own book launches, whether we’re publishers, editors, or authors. I only know one tip: 85% of life is showing up, so show up on October 25th and prepare to learn powerful tools for marketing your book from an author who’s not afraid of success! At this point, it just might be scared of him!

Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author who has addressed over 100,000 people over the past sixteen years on stages in North America, Southern Africa and South America.

Shane’s books include Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down, Closing Bigger: the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals, and his new book published by Entrepreneur Press (McGraw Hill) called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Blogging since 2002, and podcasting since 2004 Shane drives the majority of his business from social media, and social networks. He has been published in numerous publications as an authority on the topics of leadership, marketing, social media, and sales performance. Some of these publications include CMA Magazine, the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail and Profit Magazine.

7-7:30 Meet & Mingle

7:30-8 Listen and Learn

8-9 Grinning maniacally while counting on your fingers and phoning your accountant

Going Pro at Rogue! Roundup

Sylvia Taylor

Sylvia Taylor

Just a few (long overdue) notes from our last event, Going Pro featuring Sylvia Taylor.

  • We introduced our new online registration system, which worked well. Remember: preregister and save $5.
  • We moved from our old location of the Shebeen to the new one of the Everything Cafe, but at the last minute had to move from there again, because of a licensing issue. Rogue Wetbar stepped up and donated a private room (which normally costs $600) and made us a terrific custom menu. I had the halibut tacos, and they were fantastic.
  • We lost two people who’d preregistered, because they went to the Everything. I have issued them refunds.
  • We had one of our largest groups since the Social Media for Nonprofits night this past Spring, with 17 members showing up, including some new faces.
  • It was a very engaged and enthusiastic audience, thanks to Sylvia. Her presentation on professionalism and an entrepreneurial approach to a literary career was a big hit with the attendees, several of whom whipped out their business cards to see if they passed the Sylvia test!

So, if you missed it don’t fret too much: you can always reach Sylvia, thanks to her website and contact details. And god knows, we’re sure to have her back soon!

GOING PRO: Getting Real in the Writing World: our September meeting

Shakespeare got to get paid, son

You think them sonnets write themselves?

Who: The Shebeen Club presents author, editor, Federation of BC Writers Executive Director Sylvia Taylor


When: 7-9pm Monday, September 27th (one week later than our usual date)

Where: A private dining room in Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station

Why: Because in this economy, you either go pro or you go out of business

How (much): $20 early-bird tickets/$25 at the door includes dinner and a glass of wine

Come Out of the Cave and Into the Village!

Getting published and making a living isn’t just about writing anymore – it’s about building a solid foundation, a platform, of credibility and expertise. For experienced and emerging writers alike, we need to build our presence from the ground up, with good planning, good tools, good materials and creative flair. Treat yourself as an entrepreneur and you add to your chances of business success, particularly in a hostile economic climate like this one.

About Sylvia Taylor: Sylvia Taylor is an award-winning writer, editor, consultant, journalist, and educator with a passionate commitment to communication. As an entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Federation of BC Writers she brings what needs to be said into the world through the sublime balance of the Art & Engineering of Creativity.

New! Improved! Tonight, for the first time we’ll be at a new downtown location: a private dining room in the beautiful Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station. Register in advance and save $5!