Going Pro at Rogue! Roundup

Sylvia Taylor

Sylvia Taylor

Just a few (long overdue) notes from our last event, Going Pro featuring Sylvia Taylor.

  • We introduced our new online registration system, which worked well. Remember: preregister and save $5.
  • We moved from our old location of the Shebeen to the new one of the Everything Cafe, but at the last minute had to move from there again, because of a licensing issue. Rogue Wetbar stepped up and donated a private room (which normally costs $600) and made us a terrific custom menu. I had the halibut tacos, and they were fantastic.
  • We lost two people who’d preregistered, because they went to the Everything. I have issued them refunds.
  • We had one of our largest groups since the Social Media for Nonprofits night this past Spring, with 17 members showing up, including some new faces.
  • It was a very engaged and enthusiastic audience, thanks to Sylvia. Her presentation on professionalism and an entrepreneurial approach to a literary career was a big hit with the attendees, several of whom whipped out their business cards to see if they passed the Sylvia test!

So, if you missed it don’t fret too much: you can always reach Sylvia, thanks to her website and contact details. And god knows, we’re sure to have her back soon!

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