Tyee Master Classes for Fall

Get your Weegee on

Get your Weegee on

Got this from Facebook. If I were certain to be around for it, I’d take the investigative journalism one with Sean Holman; I kick ass online, but put me in an archive and it’s like something out of Encino Man.

Get up to speed on new media law, investigative skills or digital campaigning. Three new expert-led classes this fall.

For info on all classes: http://thetyee.ca/About/Master-Classes/

Peep the class lineup and spread the word!

Class #1
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012
Instructor: Leo McGrady
Title: Responsible Journalism in 2012: The Changing Legal Landscape for Journalists
More info: http://thetyee.ca/About/Fall-2012-Leo-McGrady/
Class #2
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012
Instructor: Sean Holman
Title: Finding Stories in Public Documents: Intro to Investigative Journalism
More info: http://thetyee.ca/About/Fall-2012MasterClass-SeanHolman/Class #3
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012
Instructor: Bill Tieleman
Title: How to Beat the Odds: Low-Budget Campaigns that Win
More info: http://thetyee.ca/About/Fall-2012-MasterClass-BillTieleman/

All classes held in Vancouver at The Tyee’s newsroom (211 Georgia St. East). For questions, please contact Meaghan MacDonald at mmacdonald@thetyee.ca or 604-689-7489.

See you there!


Bukowski: The Worst Hangover

I had a somewhat Bukowskian experience of my own recently, when I arrived at work just after a woman had been beaten, raped, and thrown from a fifth-story window at the Regent Hotel, just across the alley from my office. I didn’t hear the thud, but I did arrive in time to see the many various vehicles with the flashing, multi-coloured lights, and to listen to her cousin wailing in grief for three-quarters of an hour before Victims’ Services calmed her down.

And so, with that intro, welcome to our Bukowskian interlude:

via CelluloidBlonde

GOING PRO: Getting Real in the Writing World: our September meeting

Shakespeare got to get paid, son

You think them sonnets write themselves?

Who: The Shebeen Club presents author, editor, Federation of BC Writers Executive Director Sylvia Taylor


When: 7-9pm Monday, September 27th (one week later than our usual date)

Where: A private dining room in Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station

Why: Because in this economy, you either go pro or you go out of business

How (much): $20 early-bird tickets/$25 at the door includes dinner and a glass of wine

Come Out of the Cave and Into the Village!

Getting published and making a living isn’t just about writing anymore – it’s about building a solid foundation, a platform, of credibility and expertise. For experienced and emerging writers alike, we need to build our presence from the ground up, with good planning, good tools, good materials and creative flair. Treat yourself as an entrepreneur and you add to your chances of business success, particularly in a hostile economic climate like this one.

About Sylvia Taylor: Sylvia Taylor is an award-winning writer, editor, consultant, journalist, and educator with a passionate commitment to communication. As an entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Federation of BC Writers she brings what needs to be said into the world through the sublime balance of the Art & Engineering of Creativity.

New! Improved! Tonight, for the first time we’ll be at a new downtown location: a private dining room in the beautiful Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station. Register in advance and save $5!

Poetry Plaque, Keefer Street

poetry plaque on Keefer street

poetry plaque on Keefer street

When she returned
from overseas, people
complained that she stood
too closely, sometimes they could
feel her breath, soured by late afternoon,
a moist jet of speech…
With time she retreated and people
began to feel better again.

Whoever wrote it, we know one thing about them: they’re Canadian!

This plaque is sitting about twelve feet up on a wall on the corner of an alley at Keefer Street just East of Main.

Nobody knows where it came from, nobody knows who wrote it. Or do they? Do you? If so, let us know in the comments, for yea verily we are way curious.

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