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If you’ve got a literary event of any kind (book launch, protest, pub night, field trip, contest, association meeting, whatever) pop the announcement in the Contact Form here and we’ll try to get it posted on the Shebeen Club blog in a timely fashion. Our strong preference is for announcements and invitations, rather than recaps, so think of adding raincoaster at gmail to your regular mailing list for announcements, or just bookmark this page and come back whenever you have something to share.

Also, if you’re a writer/publisher/editor/blogger/poet/vagabond who’s coming through Vangroover on a tour, holiday, or seeking refuge at the head of a pitchfork-wielding mob, let us know and we may book you as a presenter! You don’t get paid, but you do get a free meal, a warming beverage, and the admiration of a discerning and decorative company of literati.

3 thoughts on “Let Us Know About Your Event!

  1. Anthology: Zhindagee: selected stories of our 1st daughters(c)
    Editor/SelfPublisher: Mahinder K. Doman
    Event: book launch – BC Women’s History Network Conference, Victoria, BC) fwding under separate email to you) Dec 4th, 2010 Emily Carr Library 1-4 pm

    This anthology features self written stories by some of the first south asian females born in Canada 1920-1950 to immigrant parents from Punjab India. Discusses also the Exclusion of Women from India even though they were British subjects.
    First of its kind content,288 page with 120 rare photos.

    2nd Launch planned in Vancouver Decemb er 11th.

    website: http://www.zhindagee.ca two photos from book; rest are placeholders by Designer as site is in progress.
    Contact: Mahinder Kaur Doman Manhas
    email: zhindagee@hotmail.com
    phone: 250.8585879

    Thank you this anthology almost twenty five years in the making!!

  2. Hi again,
    the phone number is: 250.858.5789 not :858.5879″.

    Thanks, the hackers are trying to access everthing and anything that shows up on the internet related to my book – any idea how to stop them?

    Mahinder K. Doman Manhas

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