How to Pitch Your Thing to the Media: the AUDIO

So, finally, I have completed the editing of the audio for last month’s event with Stephen Quinn: How to Pitch Your Thing to the Media. Profuse thanks again to Mr. Quinn for his amazing generosity and enthusiasm throughout the entire organizing and carrying-out of the event.

Due to a few limitations that has for blogs hosted on their servers, the file is being stored over on the Atomic Fez Publishing web-site, in its own little Shebeen-dedicated folder. Thus, the MP3 ends up being declared an “outside source” by some anti-virus programmes and ad-block-based browser plug-ins. Should you get some sort of “hey! whattya doing! this could be bad!” warnings when you click the link below, reassure your software or browser that all is well, and to let you do what you want to.

Instead of clicking the little [PLAY] button immediately below and not moving for awhile, some of you might want to [right click] the words in the link, and select something like “Save link as…” or “Save target as…”, and thus download the file to listen to on your iPod or in the car, or wherever you listen to sound files that run 85 minutes in length.

How Not to Get the Media’s Attention

How Not to Get the Media’s Attention

How to Pitch Your Thing to the Media

Yes, that’s right, the file is nearly one hour-and-a-half long. I tried to trim out as much irrelevant material as possible — especially my prattling nonsense — but the problem is that Stephen Quinn is so gosh-darned informative and entertaining, that this is the shortest I could make it without taking forever to provide the audio. Hopefully Mr. Quinn will be amenable to returning in the near future so that we can hear more specifically on the topic of “journalism in the new millennium”, now that we’re in the post News of the World reality that he had the fortune of investigating whilst filling in at As it Happens this past fortnight.

The media package Mr. Quinn mentions at the 15 minute mark is the one you see in the photo above. An astonishingly odd piece of promotional material, even without the context that he places it within as part of his talk. Click the image for “biggification”.

The material Mr. Quinn plays is from Ira Basen’s six-part series “Spin Cycles”, which was twice run as part of CBC Radio1’s The Sunday Edition in 2007. You can learn more about that series — as well as access all six highly informative instalments — at this link RIGHT HERE.

I look forward to repeating the success of this event September 19th, upstairs at the Revel Room (on Abbott, between West Cordova and Trounce Alley).

Friends with Benefits Book Launch Tuesday

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

That’s the day AFTER our fabulous Shebeen Club Pre-Holiday Party, which will be the world’s greatest warmup for the launch of Darren and Julie’s book, Friends with Benefits.

Friends with Benefits is a guide to social media marketing, from two of the best in the business.

In any disagreement among social mediaites in Vangroover, I’ll be right there, taking the low road, while Darren and Julie will generally be leading a pied piper train on the high road. They are total professionals who have been making a living at social media marketing since before Facebook was a twinkle in an undergraduate’s eye. And since they’ve been doing it while globetrotting, they obviously know a thing or two about work/life balance as well.

The details:

One of the many benefits of being our friend…

We would love you to join us for the launch of “Friends With Benefits”, our book on social media marketing.

We’ll do a brief talk at some point in the evening, followed by a short reading from the book. We’ll also be available to personally inscribe the many, many copies you’ll surely be purchasing to give out as Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Autumn Brook Artists Gallery

1545 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, BC

Sundry details:

* Appetizers will be served

* Convenient cash bar

* Autographed copies of our book will be available for purchase for $20

* There’s lots of street parking around, or you may want to consider parking on Granville Island and walking up to the gallery. Otherwise, the location is served by many lovely bus routes. [it’s practically beneath the Granville Bridge, so you can get to it with ease from anywhere downtown, either by bus or take the little aquabus across to the Island for dinner and hit the gallery after]

And here’s Darren speaking at BookCamp Vancouver earlier this year about the experience of giving birth to the book (insert “labour of love” pun here if desired):

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