I Was Plagiarized By Arbitrage Magazine, But I’m The One Who Feels Terrible About It

here’s the pull quote: “If there is one thing I despise, it’s timid, ass-covering organizations that subvert their own stated mission to avoid a little controversy. Fire someone because of rumors? Who does that? And what does that solve? Because, trust me, the controversy comes anyway. And that is why I am writing this article.”

This man is my hero

Rogue alcoholic court reporter kept writing ‘I hate my job’

You think YOUR job sucks?

You think YOUR job sucks?

Well, what would YOU do?

If my job was to pay attention to contentious court cases all day…well, actually that IS my job…but I can’t afford to be an alcoholic, so I guess I won’t be That Guy.

Daniel Kochanski, a New York court reporter, apparently deliberately screwed up some 30 transcripts and court documents. According to the New York Post, ” in a scene right out of 1980’s “The Shining,” where Jack Nicholson’s off-the-rails writer repeatedly types “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” a source said of Kochanski: “He hit random keys or wrote, ‘I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job,’ over and over.”

He was fired, of course, although it took the court system two years to find this stuff out. How many lawyers are buying transcripts and then just filing them away, never to be looked at again, or even in the first place?

Kochanski claims he was fired for substance abuse, and that he was driven to drink by the horrors of his work life, although the court system says it was for this unique form of transcript abuse, which was a result of his alcoholism.

He also maintains that even though “I hate my job” may not have been spoken in court, he “never typed gibberish.” But let the record show…oh, wait…

The Future of the News Business: A Monumental Twitter Stream All in One Place

In which Marc Andreeson says that the way to make money in journalism is through old-skool, “objective” journalism. Never letting facts stand in the way of opinion is of course, an example of the opposite of the Objective Journalism which he claims to revere and which consumers are abandoning in droves.

Job: Friesen Press is looking for a Sales and Marketing Director

Christmas in Victoria

Christmas in Victoria

Ignore the obvious copy-paste error in the first line unless you are a copy editor or Quality Assurance Coordinator, in which case you may wish to pitch them. This job is in Victoria, not something that can be done remotely.

Sales and Marketing Manager

We are currently looking for a Quality Assurance Coordinator for our Downtown Victoria office. We offer an attractive compensation package, including:

  • Competitive wage
  • Full training including job shadowing, ongoing job training, and cross training
  • Extended medical and dental benefits
  • Group RRSP with matching contributions
  • Excellent opportunities for career development

Job Summary:

The Manager of Sales & Marketing is responsible for developing a team of highly productive Publishing Consultants and Marketing Specialists who are able to meet and exceed revenue targets while promptly and professionally addressing the needs of customers. The Manager of Sales & Marketing is also required to generate and deliver sales initiatives, revenue growth and staff and client retention strategies. The Manager is further required to coach and mentor the Publishing Consultant team through motivation, leadership and encouragement while striving for exceptional customer service standards and accountability.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, direct and evaluate the operations of the Publishing Consultants team;
  • Develop, implement and monitor detailed sales strategies and objectives;
  • Ensure the provision of excellent customer service;
  • Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and client retention levels;
  • Contribute to the development, mplementation and execution FriesenPress’ business plans;
  • Build and retain an effective team of Publishing Consultants with a strong positive culture;
  • Lead, coach and motivate the team to achieve sales goals;
  • Model and champion FriesenPress values and mission;
  • Attain revenue expectations;
  • Generate an annual sales and marketing strategic plan with specific and measurable tactics
  • Set sales expectations for each of FriesenPress’ Publishing Consultants including customer service expectations and quota achievement;
  • Manage the activities of Publishing Consultants and Marketing Specialists, measure their success and coach for constant improvement;
  • Resolve customer concerns and complaints in a courteous, professional manner;
  • Determine staffing requirements and oversee the hiring of staff;
  • Create a safe working environment for the discussion and resolution of issues and concerns;
  • Work in concert with other department and management team members to assure sales operations;
  • Complete various sales reports as necessary;
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations with each of your direct reports;
  • Ensure the product portfolio evolves to respond to changing market conditions, customer needs as well as supporting FriesenPress’ goals and vision
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of various marketing activities
  • Find new ways to generate business opportunities for FriesenPress through advertising, sponsorships and partnerships
  • Actively oversee the Google Adwords performance to full optimize
  • Ensure that all staff comply with Company policies, procedures and ethical standards;
  • Ensure compliance with FriesenPress standards for cost control, waste reduction, qualilty, safety and on-time delivery;
  • Provide leadership for employee relations through effective communications, coaching, training and development;
  • Other duties shall be assigned as required.

Job Requirements:

  • University degree in associated field;
  • Minimum 5 years Sales and Marketing experience with a track record of proven results;
  • Leadership experience with an emphasis on coaching for high performance, business planning, business process engineering and business development;
  • Strong attention to detail, capacity to learn and accept additional responsibilities;
  • A personal philosophy that embraces constant learning and solicitation of feedback from your manager, peers, employees, stakeholders and customers that promotes personal development;
  • A desire to foster a company culture that values honesty, open communication, performance excellence, collaboration, innovation and constant learning.
  • Exceptional presentation and writing skills and ability to convey a message that is clear, concise and relevant, linking business issues, financial results and strategy;
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize workload to meet deadlines;
  • Highly proficient with PC business software including CRM, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with Zoho systems would be an asset;
  • Prior book publishing knowledge would be an asset.

This role will have minimal travel requirements and is based out of our office in Downtown Victoria, B.C. If you meet the above criteria and would like to apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

email: careers@friesenpress.com  

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St Rolling Stone

St Rolling Stone

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