Job Posting: Newsletter Marketing Consultant

Unhappy Hours

Unhappy Hours

I got this one off Twitter, following the Hired Guns. There are an awful lot of jobs being publicized on Twitter lately.

(and if you’re wondering where/when our April Shebeen Club meeting is, it’ll probably be next Tuesday at Revel upstairs, but we’re having a bit of difficulty pinning people down for that. Stay tuned, I’ll post it as soon as I know)

The Hired Guns are seeking a seasoned Newsletter Marketing Consultant with top-notch email experience for our client, a leading education publisher. You will work to take newsletter marketing for their Teachers division to the next level by managing the strategic development and deployment of newsletters targeting educators for nursery through grade 12.

Gun Profile:

While you’ve got significant experience managing and testing email campaigns, you’ve got a true gift when it comes to newsletters. You know how to optimize them for peak performance and to significantly improve metrics through your innovative approach to newsletter marketing. But that’s because you understand list management and CRM, through and through. It’s important you have experience establishing testing plans and list segmentation, and you’ll need to be comfortable advising clients on strategy and sticking to your guns. Bottom line, you love this sub-vertical within e-marketing, and you’re comfortable and confident in your command of best practices.

Nitty Gritty:

As the Newsletter Marketing Consultant, you will be focused on reinventing the teacher newsletter. Then, you’ll manage and establish monthly deployments, deliver a test plan, and customize an advanced testing dashboard. You’ll incorporate past tests, Omniture data, hypotheses, and content strategy to decide on next actions, and you’ll set up for future testing, data reporting, and campaign management in conjunction with the larger parent organization.

You will design and build the necessary assets, including preparing strategic briefs for client approval. Expect to go through about two rounds of revisions per creative, resulting in copy and design that’s brand-friendly and encourages direct response. You’ll need to deliver creative design assets in the preferred format and make final hand-coded HTML files cross-browser ready. So diplomacy is key.

Inside Skinny:

Maybe you were once an teacher or have other experience working in or serving the education community. It’s not necessary you eat, sleep, and breathe the education market, but any familiarity you bring to the table will make your job a lot easier.


It’s a fun subject, a celebrated company, and a fantastic opportunity.

One thought on “Job Posting: Newsletter Marketing Consultant

  1. Salut a vous tous.

    J’affectionnerais preparer personnellement mon petit site web et je me posais la question si eventuellement une personne parmi vous disposerait des bons conseils a me me donner.

    Je vous dis merci d’avance pour votre/vos participations. A tres prochainement.

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