Screenwriting Master Classes ONLINE with Max Adams

Max Adams, international screenwriter of mystery

Max Adams, international screenwriter of mystery

Max Adams is the hardest-working screenwriter around, because not only is she an award-winning (and yes, produced) screenwriter, she’s also constantly teaching. Here is her upcoming class schedule for March, which is also a good place to plug MY upcoming course, dammit, Blogging for Writers, which has nothing to do with screenwriting per se but kicks ass nonetheless.

And so does Max.

Online Master Classes in Screenwriting
Taught by yours truly Max Adams:

Character Writing, 03.15.11  [3 seats left]
High Concept Writing, 03.15.11

Non-Static Writing, 05.17.11
Structural Writing, 05.17.11

Character Writing, 07.19.11
Visual Writing, 07.19.11

High Concept Writing, 09.13.11
The Art of the Pitch, 09.13.11

Structural Writing, 11.15.11
Non-Static Writing, 11.15.11

•For more info on upcoming classes, visit :::afw courses:::
•For registration info contact Max via :::afw contact:::

•As of January 2011 AFW online courses are accepted accredited University of Utahcourses. For info on course credit, contact Paula Lee in the Film & Media Arts Department via paula.lee @

6 thoughts on “Screenwriting Master Classes ONLINE with Max Adams

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  2. I highly recommend Max’s courses through the Academy of Film Writing. If there is any doubt about whether or not a person should take one of Max’s courses, just ask the winner of the 2010 Austin Film Festival’s Screenwriting Competition [Genre: Comedy] what she thinks. She is not only an AFW alumnus but also a current student, just like me.

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