Victoria Foodblogger Needed

Shakespeare blogging

Shakespeare blogging

Yes, looks like a paid gig (or I wouldn’t post it). Got this from Craigslist, via Twitter. EAT is very high-profile, and they do make money, so ask for some. The “Internship” is a red flag, but they do put a dollar down, so obviously they’re open to negotiation, depending on what you can do for them.

EAT Magazine is looking for a food blogger for our website to write about Victoria events and news. This would include attending new store and restaurant openings, winemaker dinners, following-up on press releases, assessing new product launches, finding industry news, being proactive and keeping an ear to the ground for what’s new.

The right person will have:

• A strong network of contacts within the Victoria food, hospitality and restaurant scene
• Good writing skills
• Flexible hours (many events happen at night and on weekends)
• A love of food
• Posses a deep understanding and knowledge of all things culinary
• Good people skills
• Basic camera skills
• Wine knowledge would be an asset
• A desire to build a writing career

Note: this not a full-time job. It is also not a posting for a restaurant critic.

Please write the editor expressing your interest. Tell us a bit about yourself and include the reason why you’d like to be an EAT blogger, your expectations, samples of your writing and your resume.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Foodblogger Needed

  1. Well, good luck! Emailing the editor when you get a bounce from Craigslist is all you can do. I think it got more exposure than they were expecting (I rt’d it a couple of times, and I have 6500 Followers).

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