Philosopher’s Cafe May 31:Should literature be judged on its moral content?

Immoral Books

Literary congress OH MY!

I got this in an email from Zahid Makdoom, the organizer of the Philosopher’s cafes. It starts at 7:30pm:

Many thinkers and writers have been persecuted for, or at least judged adversely, on the content of their reflections and writings and not on the beauty or strength of their craft. Are these judgments necessary to ensure social solidarity or are they corrosive to creative endeavors?

(Theresa’s, a worker-owned/operated eatery is very popular with weekend brunchers. It’s small oasis of peace and good food on the Commercial Drive. Although, Theresa’s is not open for dinner on Mondays and Tuesday but our ever-so-accommodating host Jeff has consented to open it tomorrow and he would serve his culinary delights prepared with organic ingredients. Please bring in cash in case you want to eat there, owned/operated by its workers Theresa’s dies not have ability to accept credit/debit cards. Theresa’s 1260 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3X4. It’s across from the Grandview Park between Williams and Charles Streets on eastside of the street, ample meter parking and some time limited free parking spots on the side streets).

As always, I am hopeful our engagement would reflect the fundamental creed of our Café: any idea worthy of conception, is worthy of reflection, of examination, of analysis, of critique (and of even being laughed at, poked at or mocked provided of course if we can manage to do it respectfully or as deliciously as the late George Carlin would do.)

Many thanks. See you tomorrow evening at the Theresa’s.

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