Zombie Literature Appreciation Day Party: our May monthly meeting!

Welcome to the zombie party!

Welcome to the zombie party!

In honour of Zombie Awareness Month, we will be hosting a discussion of the literature of the reanimated as our May event. What better way to celebrate the ripening Summer than to feast our minds on the ravening necronauts which have brought us so much pleasure over the aeons?

Attendees are invited to bring their favorite piece of zombie literature for reading: poems, screenplays (not the WHOLE thing, though!), short stories, short-short stories, and particularly haikus in the original Japanese are all welcome.

Zombie Literature Appreciation Day Party

7-9pm Monday, May 17
The Shebeen, 212 Carrall Street behind the Irish Heather (go right through and to the back; we will be lurking in the back corner)
$20 buys you dinner and a drink; it’s the best deal in town!
Note that salt-free menu options are available for the zombies in attendance.

Dress: Zombie or victim. Please, let’s keep it pure: no bloody vampires, for once!

Please check your weapons with the hostess.

In the event that ninjas materialize, there will be a rumble between ninjas and zombies to settle that question once and for all. Five bucks on the zombies.

See you then! Or not, if you’re ninjas.

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One thought on “Zombie Literature Appreciation Day Party: our May monthly meeting!

  1. Update coming tomorrow, including books we discussed, some of which you can read for free online, as they are out of copyright. Most interesting contributions from attendees on the subject of zombies and sea tales from the Maritimes. Canada has a zombie tradition? WHO KNEW???

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