Shebeen Club April Meeting: Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations

Social Media

Social Media

Who: The Shebeen Club and Wesley Regan

What: Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations
$20 includes dinner and a drink

When: 7-9pm Monday, April 26th, 2010

Where: UPDATED: On The Edge gastropub, 303 Columbia at Cordova

Why: to help bring non-profit communications into the 21st Century.
And also to have a great dinner out with fellow literati

UPDATE: Note that we’ve had to move it due to the Shebeen being triple-booked that night. We are just a block East and around the corner, at 303 Columbia street around the corner from Cordova at the On The Edge gastropub.

Welcome Shebeen alumnus Wesley Regan as our presenter for the month of April! Note that our meeting’s been pushed back a week from the usual Third Monday for flu-related reasons; all better now!

When it comes to social media no one is an expert, and everyone is an expert. The effectiveness of social media tools to create lasting social change has become the gorilla in the room to social media advocates eager to pronounce a new age in communications. The jury is still out. In fact, the jury is also the defendant, judge, media, lawyers and plaintiff.  But there have been some proven benefits and some tricks discovered in the brief time social media has been adopted into mainstream communications strategies. Wes aims to bring the mystique and hyperbole of social media down to earth, exploring its practical uses for environmental, political and social activism, and recounts some of his personal experiences on the social media frontier.

Wesley Regan has worked in marketing and communications since 2004, primarily in health and wellness and community economic development. He is currently the Communications Liaison at Building Opportunities with Business, a community economic development non-profit group active in Vancouver’s inner-city since 2005, and is the Industry Trends Blogger for Thirdi Software, a Yaletown based internet marketing and eCommerce firm. His commentary on technology, social media and economic development in Vancouver has also been featured in Techvibes.

7-7:30 Meet and Greet

7:30-8 Listen and Learn

8-9 Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Or Pippin, if you prefer!

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