The Gothic Novel Quiz

Fuseli's Three Witches ALSO think this was a stupid quiz

Fuseli's Three Witches ALSO think this was a really stupid quiz, nyeah nyeah

No, not one of those braindead internet quizzes dreamed up by a bored 12-year-old Japanese schoolgirl (Which vampire would YOU date?) but rather a posh, intellectual-thank-you-very-much quiz dreamed up by the Books staff of the Guardian.

Take: The Gothic Novel Quiz

Humblingly (or not) I have no idea who any of the authors in #4 are. I can only presume that they write in British and haven’t been translated yet. And I guessed wildly at #10, again a parochial Britishism.

My result: a terrifying, blood-curdling 6/10! I can only blame this on the fact there was only one question about American Gothic and one about Irish. If you’re a book marketer, you’ve probably got an edge over a simple reader in this quiz.

Also: HEATHENS! No Thomas Ligotti? But a Twilight question??? Have you no pride?

What did you get? Confessions in the comments, IF! YOU! DARE!

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2 thoughts on “The Gothic Novel Quiz

  1. Five of Ten for me, but really only Four plus a lucky guess. Really not sure about “Lord Ruthven” I thought he was “Lord Carnavon” in the book. Must re-read. @wildsheepchaser

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