Pay the Writer! by Harlan Ellison

You’re gonna love this. At least, you’re gonna love this if you’re sick and tired of being expected to work for free. Well, if you’re sick and tired of working for free and not phased by rampant, spittle-flecked profanity. I, myself, find it’s my metier.

Frankly, after that I’d be too SCARED not to pay him.

10 thoughts on “Pay the Writer! by Harlan Ellison

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  2. If you’re tired of working for free, find a skill that pays more. Hell I’d love to get paid for being a musician, but at some point you have to grow up and face the fact you need to get a real job to pay the bills.

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  4. Of course writing is a real job – if you’re good. Music is a real job too. Paul McCartney has made a living from it. My point is, you have to be really, really good at writing for someone to pay you for it. Same as sports – I’m not going to be paid to play basketball anytime soon, but Michael Jordan sure got paid a lot!

  5. God I love listening to that man talk as much as love reading his work. That’s just one more reason to miss Tom Snyder, he had “Harley Darly” on so often.

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