September Meeting: Survival, Thrival, Arrival

Kathrin Lake, author of Survival to Thrival

Kathrin Lake, author of Survival to Thrival

Who? The Shebeen Club presents independent author Kathrin Lake

What? Survival, Thrival, Arrival: work/life balance for writeaholics

When? 7-10pm (note new time) Monday, September 21st

Where? The Shebeen, behind the Irish Heather, 210 Carrall Street

Why? Because Kathrin has lived the struggling writer reality and come out on top, and it’s always a good idea to learn from the best!

How? Much? $20 new pricing reflects some new options and offerings. Cash is king, baby.

I met Kathrin something like a decade ago at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference, where we bonded over Harvey Wallbangers and Mae West quotations. Back then I knew she was smart, knew she was funny, knew she was determined, but I didn’t know just how successful she would ultimately become (or I would have let her pay for the drinks). The Shebeen Club is very pleased to invite Kathrin to speak about her journey as a writer and independently-published author of From Survival to Thrival: how to catch the boat to your successful, thriving life, and to pick up whatever tips we can about staying as sane as her while juggling professional priorites, staying true to ourselves as writers, and trying to keep the wolf (or at least the urban coyote) from the door.

Bring: a notebook, a pen, a backup pen (you should know this by now!) and a stock of your very best Mae West stories. It’s going to be a fun night as well as a learning experience.

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