Federation of BC Writers: Lower Mainland Regional Rep volunteer position

Charles Dickens breaks through writer's block

Charles Dickens breaks through writer's block

Yes, I’m stepping down, not that my slightly insane schedule ever let me do a proper job of this. It’s a great position for someone who’s organized and community-minded, who likes to support and promote events, groups, and individual writers around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It’s highly social, and great exposure. I’d say the job takes four or five hours a week to do properly, since the Lower Mainland is so active and there’s so much to keep track of. Here’s the official posting:


The Federation of BC Writers is looking for a member to serve as the LowerMainland/

Sunshine Coast Regional Representative. As a regional representative, your responsibilities


• participating as a member of the Federation board of directors

• helping to organize Federation-sponsored regional events

• representing the Federation at regional literary events

• writing quarterly regional reports for WordWorks magazine and e-newsletters

• communicating regularly with regional members

• acting as a resource for member queries

• maintaining a regional email list

If you’re interested in serving a two-year term for this position, please send an email to

bcwriters at shaw.ca that includes your resume (attached as a Word document) with a succinct cover letter that tells us 1) why you’re interested in the position, 2) how much time you’re able to commit on a monthly basis, 3) a bit about your writing background, and 4) your skills and interests by Friday, July 30. Please put Regional Rep in the subject line.

This is as good a spot as any to mention that this Saturday I’ll be participating in Blogathon, a 24-hour, 48 blog post postathon, to raise money for the Fed. You can sponsor me by selecting “raincoaster.com” from the list of available blogs to sponsor. All the posts will be going up over there. After Blogathon, you just tote up your donation and send the cheque straight to the Fed, which will put it to good use on behalf of British Columbia’s home-grown literary talent.

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