Pandora’s Collective Invites Nominations for the Special Achievement Awards

God, I’ve got to get better at writing concise headlines, because really, that’s the whole story. Here’s the email, and note that the deadline is this Friday:

pandoras collective

pandoras collective

The Summer Dream Literary Arts Festival began with an idea to bring together all of the on-going literary events that happen monthly around town and their hosts to showcase to the public what they do. The first year of the festival saw us located on the Georgia Street side of the Art Gallery with one stage, some tented chairs for the audience and lots of information tables. Since that year we have grown into so much more.

Now in our 7th year we would like to continue the tradition of how we began with the idea of honouring significant people within the literary community. We are planning an opening night gala to do just that. (This will be held Friday August 20th the night before the festival. The venue still to be decided)

Pandora’s Collective would like to recognize certain individuals who have had an impact on the literary community over the years. We will be giving out four special achievement awards and would like you to tell us who you think deserves them.

Please send in the names of up to three people or organizations you believe deserve special recognition. Write about three lines telling us why and if possible include their contact information. Please make sure these nominations are from the Greater Vancouver Area.

Some things to consider when thinking about who you would pick.

How does this person help the writing community at large? Are they an organizer of an event, a host who runs a reading series, open mic or festival? Are they an instructor or mentor who have inspired and encouraged you?

Are they someone whose writing you consider to be amazing and which has touched you deeply and affected your own work.

Is this a group or organization which you believe are committed to helping others to excel?

All submissions for consideration should be sent to blnish_pandoras AT by Friday, February 26th.


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The Real Vancouver Writers’ Series Grand Finale Tomorrow!

Real Vancouver Writers' Series by kc dyer

Real Vancouver Writers' Series by kc dyer

This is your last chance, I repeat, your last chance to experience Sean Cranbury‘s Real Vancouver Writers’ Series at W2. Every Wednesday night in February the space at W2 has been packed wall-to-wall with literati both performing and audiencing (is that a word? it is now!) and this final Wednesday will be hosted by Hal Wake, the Head Grand Poobah of the Vancouver International Writers’ Festival.

Here is an interview Sean did with Joseph Planta on PlantaOnTheLine outlining what’s in store for us tomorrow:

And here’s a YouTube video about the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series:

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Real Vancouver Writers’ Series Tonight!

W2 4 u

W2 4 u

Yes, tonight W2 comes alive with more hawt literary action than you’ve seen this side of an Anais Nin concordance. Five bucks gets you in to this funky-bohemian artspace to enjoy shoulder-rubbing proximity to the real writers who are putting Vangroover on the cultural map. Tonight’s lineup features many ex-Duthieites including your host, Sean Cranbury, one of the infamous Cellar Dwellers of the old Hornby and Robson store (where I bought my first edition copy of Neuromancer, sigh, back when it was new).

Duthie Books closed for good on Monday, so if you want to celebrate one of the world’s best bookstores, tonight and our Wake next Monday are pretty much your only chances. But although the store may be gone, the literary tradition continues. Yes, the force is strong with these ones, so catch them now before they’re too famous to return your calls.

The Lineup (full deets on the RealVancouverWritersSeries):

  • Charles Demers
  • Jenn Farrell
  • Chris Walter
  • Jen Sookfong Lee
  • Shay Wilson
  • Ian Weir
  • Larissa Lai
  • Anne Stone
  • Jane Sayers
  • Kevin Chong
  • Peter Darbyshire

See you there?

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A Collective Response to arts cuts at the Gallery Gachet

Got this from the highly useful Instant Coffee email:

Restore Arts Funding Now

Restore Arts Funding Now

The Gallery Gachet Collective | A COLLECTIVE RESPONSE | FEB 5


Curated by Lara Fitzgerald | Exhibition runs: 5th – 28th Feb | Opening

Reception: Fri Feb 5th, 7 – 10pm

Dance Party Celebrating the Arts: Sat Feb 13th, 8 – late (With support from

Art Walk 2010 and the Alliance for Arts and Culture)

Exhibition is part of Art Walk 2010,

Gallery Gachet presents the exhibition A Collective Response, featuring The

Gallery Gachet Collective’s response to the current cultural landscape in

Vancouver. The exhibition showcases each artist’s reaction to the arts

funding cuts through their own art-making practice, celebrating and

reinforcing the importance of art as a critical means for achieving a

healthy and flourishing society.

A Collective Response aims to focus on the critical role of art in society.

In particular as a way of responding to contemporary issues. Vancouver is

currently undergoing a massive upheaval, and these changes affect all its

citizens profoundly. Gallery Gachet’s Collective Membership feels strongly

about the importance of community engagement and asserting a response to

these changes, and they believe that art provides a powerful and

significant channel for dialogue.

Based on the idea of Documenta (an international contemporary art

exhibition held in Kassel, Germany every five years), The Collective will

transform Gallery Gachet into a free speech zone offering both commentary

and critique of issues relevant to art and life in Vancouver at this

specific historical juncture. Thematically, the work addresses the massive

funding cuts that most arts organizations have received in BC, as well as

political priorities and how these precedents impact our cultural climate.

The Gachet Collective believes in the expression of art and culture as a

human right, and as a means for achieving social, cultural and economic


The link between A Collective Response and Documenta is one of intention

and spirit. Documenta is known as an exhibition that explores the

intersection between contemporary art and the current critical issues of

the time, inviting people from all over the world to convene, assess the

situation, and enact a dialogic process. Documenta began in the early

1950’s, and was developed as a response to the degenerate art politics of

the Third Reich. In contrast to other international exhibitions that

emerged from the World Fair models, the tradition behind Documenta is one

of theoretical grounding, and a sense of urgency in regards to the role and

meaning of art in society. Inclusivity and dissolution of elitism are

founding values of the festival; these beliefs are also woven into the core

of The Collective’s ideology and integral values that are unanimously held

by The Collective.

A Collective Response will feature multidisciplinary works from Gachet’s

twenty-one collective members, and represents not only the distinct

response of each individual member but also the unique energy and drive

behind The Gachet Collective as a whole.

Artists featured: Benitto, Sharon Burns, Sharon Smith, Kara Lee, Stephen

Long, Jay Peachy, Karen Ward, Bernadine Fox, Bruce Ray, Dylan Wolney, Quin

Martins, W.N. (Bill) Pope, Laurie Marshall, Robert Gardiner, Leef Evans,

Diane Thorn, Cherise Clarke, Lisa Walker, Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty, Geoff

Greene and Youngsin Lee.

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RAIN Magazine Launch Party

Stolen from the Facebook invitation.

Rain launch party

Rain launch party

Hello Friends!

please join us to celebrate the newest issue of RAIN!

RAIN LAUNCH! issue 4
Wednesday, January 20th 7 PM

it’s 10 dollars at the door BUT you get a
FREE issue of RAIN with ticket
which this issue has a DVD in it!!

W2 Culture + Media House
112 West Hastings Street

(across the street from Woodward’s)

Speaker: David Eby
Spoken Word: Aly!
Music and Words: Adrian Glynn (
Special Musical Guests (email me to find out who.. it’s super awesome, just has to be a secret)

plus much much more!

Please Spread THE WORD!

*we won’t turn anyone away for lack of funds*

rainzine AT

**There are bike racks at the corner of Cambie and Hastings in front of the film school.**

#20 goes straight by it, skytrain, etc., and Parking on the streets, and a parking lot on Cambie about a block away.

List of Contributors in this issue:
Am Johal, Matt Hern, Harsha Walia, Irwin Oostindie, Dave Eby, Richard Smith, Peter Prontzos, Dave Olson, Ben West, Leia Herrera, Sylvia McFadden, Maura Doherty, Patrick Thrift, Zach Bergman, Reel Youth, The Purple Thistle’s Youngunz, Aly D, Emma Wallace, Indigo, Kris Krug, Tara Robertson, Miriam Tratt, Meghan Corsie, Nicola Hodges, Daisy Couture, Karen New, Julie Flett, Eva Dominelli, c.r. avery, Adrian Glynn, Julia Kozlov, Nikol Haskova, Fiona Balazsi, Siren, Anita Olson, Carla Bergman, Wibke Kreft…
-interview with Fish & Bird
-DVD full of awesome films!
-travel writings by Adrian Glynn
-Olympics stuff, lots. Resistance baby, lots
-art, photography, and just a whole lot more!

oh, and if you were wondering:
Rain is an independent anthology zine, run by a group of local Vancouver activists from the Purple Thistle Centre. We care about our community, and our zine is our way of opening up a dialogue about living, learning, and creativity in Vancouver–things to help us get by on a rainy day. We support taking steps towards action, building our community and making change happen.

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