Sophia Books Sale

This came in an email as well as a FB update from our old friend Sean Cranbury. If I had any cash, I’d be down there, because they have an extremely unusual selection of fascinating books of which you’ve probably never heard, as well as many fascinating ones of which you have. It’s never a mistake to take a flyer on one of theirs that looks interesting.


Sophia Books

*END OF LEASE SALE* @ Sophia Books !

40% off all books, CDs & Japanese Magazines in stock.
(does not include Special Orders, Magazines and DVDs)
Graphic Design books, graphic novels, architecture books, Street Art,
Tattoo Art & best fiction section in town !
Books in French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese & German !
Starting today, Saturday 24th of April. Spread the WORD !

Sophia Books

“A picture is worth a thousand words,
A phone call is worth a thousand e-mails!”

international & multilingual books & magazines for all ages
graphic novels-comix-manga

450 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC V6B 1L1 CANADA

TEL +604.684.0484
JPN line +604.684.4032
TOLL FREE 888.684.4032

Monday ~ Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday & Holidays 12pm-6pm

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Win a Date with raincoaster this Friday

I’m cross-posting this from raincoaster, but be warned that the jokes you enter to win have to be put in the comments on the post at, not here. But you’re smart and figured that out already, didn’t you?

Shakespeare Got to Get Paid, Son

Only your taste (or is that “tastes”?) can say whether a date with raincoaster is a prize or booby prize. As you know, we’re all about the boobies lately around these parts. These specific parts, that is.

My parts are superfine, if somewhat bruised lately, just ask anyone who’s seen them, which includes you if you clicked on the link (you just went back and did that, didn’t you?). And they and the rest of me will be going (thanks to an invite from the generous and omnipotent Rebecca Coleman, publicist to…productions successful at getting pimped out on and Twitter) to the West Coast premiere of Eugene Stickland‘s play Queen Lear at Presentation House Theatre. Want to come as my date? It’s easy (unlike me).

All it takes to win is to post the comment that I think contains the funniest literary joke. Tasteless is extra points, Shakespeare is extra points, King Lear is extra extra points, tasteless King Lear jokes posted by Kenneth Branagh are an automatic win. Sorry, boys, I have a weakness for blustery Irishmen.

Queen Lear Poster

Life Lessons and Sh8kspeare: Queen Lear

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC: Presentation House Theatre, in association with Western Gold, are pleased to present the West Coast premiere of Eugene Stickland’s Queen Lear. The older generation has much to teach the younger generation about theatre… and life. Or is it the other way around? Queen Lear runs March 25-April 10 at Presentation House Theatre.

An accomplished aging actress, suffering a dearth of decent roles for older women, is cast in the title role in an all-female production of King Lear and, terrified that her memory will fail her, employs a young girl to help her memorize her lines. Text messaging meets iambic pentameter in this amusing and touching story about courage and the strength of spirit. Both women struggle with fear, loss and challenge, illustrating how time and experience both separate and unite them. This new play, featuring celebrated actor Shirley Broderick, newcomer Jennifer McPhee, and acclaimed cellist Peggy Lee, is not to be missed.

Western Gold Theatre produces outstanding professional theatre that expands horizons and enriches the lives of mature artists and their audiences. The company offers powerful role-modeling, creative opportunity and active engagement to a rapidly growing senior population and provides inspiration to diverse generations of theatre lovers. Artistic Director Colleen Winton is particularly interested in creating mentorships between senior artists and emerging artists and sees this play as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what the generations have to teach each other.

Queen Lear is part of The Third Street Theatre series. Founded in 2005 by Artistic Director Brenda Leadlay, The Third Street Series is the banner under which Presentation House Theatre (PHT) presents and produces a professional season of plays. The vision for the series entails a fusion of accessibility and artistic risk, in order to achieve a season that is appealing and marketable but challenges and educates our audiences about new artistic practices.

Queen Lear previews Thursday, March 25, and opens Friday, March 26 at 8 pm. It then runs nightly (Sunday evenings and Mondays dark) through until April 10. There will be weekend matinees on Saturdays at 4, and Sundays at 2. All performances are at Presentation House Theatre, 333 Chesterfield, North Vancouver (3 blocks from the Seabus). Tickets are $24 for Adults, $22 for Students/Seniors. All tickets are $2 more at the door, and $2 more on Friday and Saturday evenings. All seats for the preview are $12.

For tickets or more information, please call 604.990.3474 or email boxoffice AT

We’ve done this sort of thing before, so you know how it works: no complaining that it’s arbitrary because…well…this is a dictatorship, and when in the history of the known universe have I ever hesitated to be arbitrary? Deadline is noon Friday, and don’t expect me to phone you: mah Jeebusphone has gone AWOL. I’ll hit you up on email or Twitter.

You know what to do, so do it in the comments. And for god’s sake, clean up after yourselves when you’re finished!

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Poetry Plaque, Keefer Street

poetry plaque on Keefer street

poetry plaque on Keefer street

When she returned
from overseas, people
complained that she stood
too closely, sometimes they could
feel her breath, soured by late afternoon,
a moist jet of speech…
With time she retreated and people
began to feel better again.

Whoever wrote it, we know one thing about them: they’re Canadian!

This plaque is sitting about twelve feet up on a wall on the corner of an alley at Keefer Street just East of Main.

Nobody knows where it came from, nobody knows who wrote it. Or do they? Do you? If so, let us know in the comments, for yea verily we are way curious.

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A Portrait of the Actress as a Young Inkwell

Which doesn’t sound very interesting, but this inkwell in the shape of actress Sarah Bernhardt as a gloriously Rococo bat-winged Sphynx is the shizz forrealz!

Sarah Bernhardt as a sphynx inkwell

Sarah Bernhardt as a sphynx inkwell. WANT!

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