Harry Potter and the Homework of Vengeance!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Spammers

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Spammers

Oh, this is good. This is goooood. Or bad, but really GOOD bad, if you know what I mean, and you will, instantly, once I tell you that this is a true story involving the now-standard Nigerian Email Scam turned around by a very, very smart man who, instead of paying the scammers, played on their greed and got them to write out BY HAND (for, they thought, $100 a page) all of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then stiffed them.


GOING PRO: Getting Real in the Writing World: our September meeting

Shakespeare got to get paid, son

You think them sonnets write themselves?

Who: The Shebeen Club presents author, editor, Federation of BC Writers Executive Director Sylvia Taylor


When: 7-9pm Monday, September 27th (one week later than our usual date)

Where: A private dining room in Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station

Why: Because in this economy, you either go pro or you go out of business

How (much): $20 early-bird tickets/$25 at the door includes dinner and a glass of wine

Come Out of the Cave and Into the Village!

Getting published and making a living isn’t just about writing anymore – it’s about building a solid foundation, a platform, of credibility and expertise. For experienced and emerging writers alike, we need to build our presence from the ground up, with good planning, good tools, good materials and creative flair. Treat yourself as an entrepreneur and you add to your chances of business success, particularly in a hostile economic climate like this one.

About Sylvia Taylor: Sylvia Taylor is an award-winning writer, editor, consultant, journalist, and educator with a passionate commitment to communication. As an entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Federation of BC Writers she brings what needs to be said into the world through the sublime balance of the Art & Engineering of Creativity.

New! Improved! Tonight, for the first time we’ll be at a new downtown location: a private dining room in the beautiful Rogue Wetbar in Waterfront Station. Register in advance and save $5!

Sidney Awards available monthly

Sidney Hillman Foundation logo

Sidney Hillman Foundation logo

This is sweet, particularly given that ALL WordPress.com blogs are technically “published” in the US and thus qualify for consideration. The Sidney Hillman foundation, source of the prestigious, annual Hillman award, is now offering the Sidney, a monthly award of $500. Here are the deets from the application page:

Sidney Award Nominations

For more than 50 years, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has awarded, annually, the prestigious Hillman Prizes in Journalism. In 2009, the Foundation inaugurated the Sidney, a monthly award for an outstanding piece of socially-conscious journalism. We are looking for investigative work that fosters social and economic justice.

The Sidney is awarded monthly to a piece published in a magazine, newspaper, on a news site, or a blog in the United States.  Television and radio segments broadcast in the United States are also eligible, as are published photography series.

Deadlines are the last day of the month in which the piece was published/aired. In the case of magazines, please nominate according to the issue date on the publication, not when it first appeared.

You may submit your own work or nominate someone else’s.

Whenever possible, please provide the full text of the story you are nominating, either in the body of your email or as an attachment, as well as the URL.

The Foundation will announce each month’s winner on the 15th of the following month. Recipients will be awarded $500, a bottle of union-made wine, and our certificate designed by New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Sorel.

I love that “union-made wine.” That says so much, right there. You have to fill out the form on the page, so don’t hang around here, go do it!

Lorraine Murphy, Shebeen Club founder on Books on the Radio

Sean Cranbury

Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio

Lorraine Murphy by Jules Morgan

Lorraine Murphy by Jules Morgan

I’ve been meaning to post this forever; it’s Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio interviewing me at the Irish Heather about the impact of the Digital Revolution on the traditional publishing industry. Set aside a half-hour, get a refreshing beverage, click Play and enjoy. Although you’ll enjoy it somewhat less if you’re a publisher who thinks the book industry doesn’t need to change.

The money shot:

“The question publishers have to answer now is, what are you doing for me that makes it worthwhile giving you 90% of the proceeds from my book?

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Passive-Aggressive Library Signs

Passive Aggressive library note

Passive Aggressive library note

I don’t care what they say about librarians’ sex lives: somebody obviously needs to get laid.

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